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Brazilian Teak Wood Floor

Brazilian Teak Room Scene Color: At first, red-brown or purple-brown with light yellow-brown or purple streaks; after exposure, uniform light brown or yellow-brown.

Grain: Fine texture, interlocked, waxy or oily feel.

Variations Within Species and Grades: Dramatic shading that mellows as the floor matures.

Hardness (Janka): 3540; 174% harder than Northern red oak.

Dimensional Stability: Average (7.6; 12% more stable than red oak).

Sawing/Machining: Works well, but is very hard - use carbide blades and bits.

Nailing: Pre-drilling and hand-nailing are preferred.

Finishing: Moisture-cure urethane, conversion varnish and waterborne finishes are generally more successful with this species.

Sanding: Difficult.

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