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Ebony Wood Floor

Ebony Wood Flooring Room Scene Texture: Ebony offers distintive veins of dark brown and chocolate tones creating a harmonious contrast.

Color: Ebony's heartwood is purplish dark maroon to purplish black brown, with some light streaks. It gets lighter in color when sanded/milled and begins to darken when exposed to sun or air.

Grain: Straight or slightly interlocked depending on the board.

Variation within species and grades: Moderate color variation.

Hardness (Janka): 3220; Ebony is an incredibly hard and durable wood flooring choice. It is over two thirds harder than merbau, is roughly one hundred and twenty-two percent harder than hard maple, over ninety-seven percent harder than wenge, and just over forty-six percent harder than santos mahogany's ranking of 2200.

Sawing/Machining: Sawing is difficult due to high density; requires frequent resharpening of tools. Planing is difficult due to interlocked grain. Can be machined to a smooth surface. Carbide tooling recommended.

Sanding: Sands well. Gets lighter in color when sanded/milled.

Nailing: Good holding ability, but due to hardness may require adjustment of angle of penetration and/or height.

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