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Morado Wood Floor

Morado Wood Flooring Scene Scientific Name: Machaerium Scleroxylon

Other Names and Species: Caviuna

Description: Morado is a South American wood with a striking dark violet-brown heartwood that is sometimes streaked. It has a medium to high luster, and a texture that can range from coarse to fine. It's grain is interlocked and can be straight or irregular. Highly resistant to decay and fungi, Morado's hardness also contributes to its durability. Used for decorative veneers, specialty items, and cabinet work, Morado is a wood widely recognized for its beauty, often being used for many of the same purposes of another South American beauty, Brazilian Rosewood.

Hardness (Janka): 2240;

Strength (MOR): 17,700 psi

Stiffness (MOE): 1,351 1000 psi

Density (KG/cubic meter): 880

Tangential Shrinkage: 6.7 %

Radial Shrinkage: 2.9 %

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