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Patagonian Rosewood Wood Floor

Patagonian Flooring Room Scene Description: Patagonian Rosewood flooring, originating in the forests of Paraguay, is also known as Curupau. It is a very appealing wood that is highly compatible with any home decor or color scheme. This versatility comes from the fact that Patagonian Rosewoods's pale pink and yellow tones are sharply distinguished from its dark brown shades and occasional black streaking, creating a pleasing contrast that is complemented by the wood's crossed grain and creates a beautiful combination of rich browns and yellows. Patagonian Rosewood hardwood flooring also has astonishing durability. The wood's Janka hardness rating of 3840 makes Patagonian Rosewood floors particularly resilient against wear and tear and impacts. With its more dramatic shades and striping, the feel of a Patagonian Rosewood floor is quite distinct from its creamy brown and significantly mellower cousin, Kurupayra.

Geographic Area: Argentina, subtropical and dry forests of Paraguay and Brazil.

Color: Pale brown heartwood, changing to reddish-brown with black streaks upon exposure. Sapwood is yellowish brown or light pink.

Photosensitivity: Patagonian Rosewood will darken upon prolonged exposure to light.

Hardness (Janka): 3840;

Strength (MOR): 23,780 psi

Stiffness (MOE): 2,730 1000 psi

Density (KG/cubic meter): 1,020

Tangential Shrinkage: 8.4 %

Radial Shrinkage: 4.8 %

Grain: Irregular and interlocked

Texture: Fine and uniform

Drying Characteristics: Dries slowly with minimal warping, but checking often occurs during kiln drying.

Working Characteristics: Can be difficult to work as a result of hardness, severely blunting cutting edges. Planing requires a cutting angle of 10 - 15 degrees in order to avoid tearing the wood's irregular grain.

Durability Rating: Patagonian Rosewood's heartwood is rated as very durable.

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