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Royal Mahogany Wood Floor

Royal Mahogany Flooring Room Scene Scientific Name, Other Names: Carapa guianensis, Andiroba, Crabwood, Cedro Macho, Carapa

Description: Royal Mahogany flooring is a tropical wood from Central and South America with a texture similar to true mahogany. The reddish-brown heartwood of Royal Mahogany hardwood floors feature various shades from medium to dark, adding a cozy and warming feeling to any room. Royal Mahogany is also rated as both very easy to work with and durable, with marked resistance to insects and decay ensuring the long lasting enjoyment of a Royal Mahogany floor.

Geographic Area: West Indies, Cuba, Trinidad, Honduras, Brazil, Colombia, the Guianas, Peru, and Venezuela. The tree can often be found in pure stands, in lowlands and also at higher altitudes near rivers.

Color: Heartwood is light pink to reddish-brown fresh, darkening when dry. Sapwood is pinkish, turning pale brown or grayish.

Photosensitivity: Royal Mahogany will darken with time.

Luster: Low to high

Grain: Straight and sometimes rowy

Texture: Fine to coarse

Hardness (Janka): 1220

Strength (MOR): 11,100 psi

Stiffness (MOE): 1,560 1000 psi

Density (KG/cubic meter): 705

Tangential Shrinkage: 7.6 %

Radial Shrinkage: 3.1 %

Drying Characteristics: Air seasons and kiln dries slowly with some tendency to check, split, or collapse.

Working Characteristics: Can be worked with hand and machine tools, sometimes splits when nailed; glues and screws well; good peeling properties

Durability Rating: Somewhat resistant to brown and white-rot fungi and decay.

Applications: Furniture, cabinet work, flooring, turnery, millwork, veneer and plywood

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